Holiday Fire Safety Tips
Tree Safety: Never use candles as decorations. Keep trees away from heat. Never use a cut tree in a place of public assembly (apartment or hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc.) Water a cut tree at least daily Use a "non-tip" tree stand. Use only fire retardant decorations. Never leave a lighted tree unattended. Dispose of the tree properly; preferably soon after the holiday before the needles dry out. Artificial trees should have a fire retardant label. KEEP THE SEASON BRIGHT - WATCH THOSE LIGHTS! Unplug all lighting before retiring for the evening or leaving the house. Blow out candles before leaving the room. Don't leave candles burning unattended. Purchase lights and electric decorations which are listed by an approved testing agency such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM). Check all lighting for frayed wires, broken plugs, sockets, etc. Never overload outlets. Use no more than three strands of lights on a single extension cord. Never use candles on trees, or place near other flammable decorations. Never hang lights on a metallic tree. Always use appropriate weatherproof lights outdoors. Give the Gift of Life - Give Smoke Detectors!

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