Building & Development Services

Welcome to Portland Development Services!


Beginning Thursday, June 9 - Development Services is located at 601 Moore Ave.  
All Development Services and Permitting will be conducted at this location beginning 6/9/2022.  

Important updateS from Development Services:

The City of Portland plans to utilize SmartGov for our permitting and development software in the near future. SmartGov allows registered contractors and the general public to submit permits and development applications, upload site-plans, pertinent documents, and pay the permit fees online. We will post more information on this exciting new change, here, soon!

Additionally, the City of Portland's Standard Details can be found here:

About Portland Development Services

The City of Portland is growing at the rate of about 2.5 percent each year. The City's Development Services Department is charged with developing and implementing a workable plan to manage that growth.

Development in Portland is regulated to promote the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens. Providing a consistent and streamlined approach ensures a fair application of ordinances and regulations.

To that end, every project in the City of Portland must:

  • Undergo thorough inspections while under construction.
  • Be on a properly platted lot
  • Have a valid site and/or building permit
  • Have the proper zoning for the intended use
  • Receive a certificate of occupancy

These five tasks are administered through our planning and zoning, permitting and inspection processes.