The Story Behind the Holiday "Ice"

Christmas on the Coast

Update:  Crews laid down the "ice" rink on Nov. 21. We're counting down to Dec. 2 for the debut. 


The City of Portland has contracted with Perfect Parties Entertainment Group for a 40’x 50’ “ice” rink. The company’s synthetic ice consists of a plastic polymer that resembles the consistency of a large, white cutting board. The rink is assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle in 4’x8’ synthetic ice sheets. These sheets are then treated with a lubricating solution that reduces contact friction and enhances the glide and speed of the skating experience. The rink typically takes 2-3 hours to assemble.

ice 1IMG_5127Portland’s Holiday “Ice” rink will consist of 60 sheets of “ice” and will accommodate up to 50 skaters at one time. Unlimited skating is $5 for those 8 and older (includes skates). Skaters under 8, or 60 and better, skate free. Discounts will be offered to G-PISD students, facility, and staff during the school holiday break.

ice 2

When skating on natural ice, the skate blade causes pressure which generates heat and melts the ice, creating a thin layer of water, which is the source of that smooth skating glide. With this synthetic ice the skate blade creates the same heat, causing a release of the lubricants in the sprayed-on solution, giving skaters the feel of skating on natural ice.


ice 3