Garage Sales

permits are required for garage sales

By ordinance, garage sales, rummage sales, yard sales and other such sales require a city permit. Regulating garage sales prevents the accumulation of unsightly cardboard signs littering streets and utility poles, limits those who would otherwise conduct constant garage sales from single family homes, and generally keeps residential areas clean and free of constant heavy traffic.

Citizens conducting garage sales, yard sales and other similar such sales must obtain a permit from the Building Department at the Public Works Center, 1101 Moore Avenue.


Permits cost $15 cash or check ($20 after-hours and on weekends). You can purchase an after-hour permit at the Police Department, 1902 Billy G. Webb Drive.

What you get for your permit fee

We provide you with three garage sale signs and publish your sale on the city website. The weekly garage sale list is posted each Friday by the close of business. Any permits issued by the police department after the close of business on Friday will not be included in the list below. Signs can be placed on City property and on City rights-of-way. Only signs issued by the City can be used to advertise a garage sale.


202 Walker Ave. Apt. F 09/25/21 09/25/21              
128 E. Janin Cir. 09/24/21 09/25/21              
1035 Santa Catalina 10/02/21 10/02/21              
1711 Dallas St. 09/25/21 09/25/21              
121 San Saba Dr. 09/24/21 09/26/21              
1127 Imperial St. 09/24/21 09/25/21              
217 Driftwood 09/24/21 09/25/21              
1010 Diomede St. 09/25/21 09/25/21              
207 Driftwood 09/25/21 09/25/21              
111 Ann Dr. 09/25/21 09/25/21              
1009 Cupertino St. 09/24/21 09/26/21              
1235 Denver  9/24/21 9/25/21 8am-1pm Furniture, clothes, bikes, beds, appliances, etc.          
1310 Crosby 09/25/21 09/25/21              
217 Llano 09/24/21 09/25/21              
1900 Oak Ridge 09/24/21 8:00am-4:00pm 09/25/21 8:00am-4:00pm 09/26/21 8:00am-4:00pm      
1936 Westwood Dr. 09/24/21 09/26/21              
1123 Cupertino St. 10/02/21 9:00am - 1:00pm 10/03/21 9:00am - 1:00pm          
132 East Janin 09/24/21 09/25/21 09/26/21