Inspection & Certificate of Occupancy

Inspection Information

Inspections are the third step in the building approval process. Inspections are required throughout the course of construction to verify proper materials and construction methods are being used. The contractor must request that the city perform the proper inspection at the proper stage of work. A final inspection is required before the city will release a structure for occupancy. Contractors must request an inspection by 4:00 p.m. the prior day by calling 361.777.4553 or email Permitting.

Download the Portland Inspection Request Form

Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is the final step in the building approval process. A CO is required for all buildings or structures that are to be occupied, including when:

  • A new building is constructed
  • A new use for a building or lease space is established
  • The tenant or name of business has changed

When a tenant leases a new space, a new CO is required. Utilities will be released in the new tenant's name upon the issuance of a CO.  View the Certificate of Occupancy Application.


The head of Development Services may, in writing, suspend or revoke a CO:

  • When it is determined that the building or a portion of the building or structure is in violation of any ordinance, regulation, or provision of the building codes
  • Whenever it is determined that the certificate was issued in error or on the basis that the incorrect information was supplied